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Stress at work and at home, an unhealthy lifestyle and illnesses - that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Known is this term as impotence or erectile problems - a taboo topic for men.

Millions of men around the world, especially those over the age of 40, are at risk and prone to it.

Here on this page we offer you high-quality and effective sexual enhancers for men at great prices. In our online pharmacy you get the best and safest power products without prescription. Well-known manufacturers such as Lilly, Pfizer or Bayer - Original and Generic Potency products at reasonable prices.

We guarantee complete anonymity and secure methods to pay for your order.

If you have doubts as to which sexual enhancer is the right one, call us. Our staff will advise you for free and help you find the right sexual enhancer.

Erectile dysfunction not only negatively affects your sex life, but can also be the cause of serious illnesses. Impotence triggers long-term stress, affects your life, your partnership and plunges men into self-doubt.

We as Online Pharmacy will help you. We have the best remedies available, which you can buy at reasonable prices. Use this opportunity to order power resources easily and discreetly.

Buying a power over the counter means being able to live again, having a great sex life again. The first step for great sex is to buy Viagra over the counter or to order Cialis.

Which power resources are available to you?


The first sexual enhancer in the world. Viagra with the active ingredient sildenafil is still the best sexual enhancer worldwide.

The name Viagra can be freely translated as "The Power of Niagara Falls".

Pfizer's potency pills work 40-60 minutes after ingestion and for 4-6 hours.

Take it on an empty stomach. Avoid taking fatty foods and too much alcohol while taking Viagra.

The usual dosage is 50mg, with no more than one tablet per day.

Buy the Potency now over the counter in our online pharmacy. Take the chance for great sex and more self-confidence. With Viagra you shine again as at the best times.


Cialis is the best-known alternative to the successful Viagra.

It contains the active ingredient tadalafil and works already 15-20 minutes after ingestion. An advantage compared to Viagra is the long working time of up to 36 hours. Therefore, the "nickname" comes as a weekend power means. The standard dose is 20mg, which corresponds to a daily dose. Do not take more than one tablet a day.

The drug can be taken with alcohol and fatty food. Order Cialis over the counter in our pharmacy and enjoy a great sex life.


The "German" potency agent Levitra by Bayer is a symbol for Made in Germany. It contains the active substance vardenafil. This works 20-30 minutes after ingestion and between 6-8 hours. One tablet is enough to have a fulfilling sex life. Shine in bed as best times and order Levitra online now.

The drug is known for its mild effects on the body. Even older men are allowed to take Levitra without a prescription without any problems.


Kamagra is the generic alternative to the well-known Viagra, which you can buy from us in the pharmacy without prescription. The generic drug also contains the active ingredient sildenafil.

About 40 minutes after taking Kamagra begins to work. This lasts between 4-6 hours. We advise against taking Kamagra together with alcohol and fatty food. Kamagra as a tablet is 100mg in the dose. You can not only buy the sexual enhancer in the form of pills, but also as a gel capsule and soft tabs. These new forms of the power means are very popular because of the fast effect and pleasant intake.

Kamagra is the inexpensive alternative to Viagra, but just as effective. Do you have exciting sex and save even money.

Safe knit

Our online pharmacy in UK offers you a wide range of effective, over-the-counter remedies. The mode of action is based on the inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5. The smallest blood vessels in the penis relax, allowing more blood to flow into it. As a result, it comes to a hard, persistent erection.

All offered power resources only work if you are sexually aroused. PDE-5 inhibitors have no stimulating effect.

Buy no prescription drugs around the clock at reasonable prices. Our online pharmacy is always there for you.

Notes on the use of power resources

The mode of action and the length of the effect may differ in the potency remedies. However, they all work reliably and effectively for erection problems.

You have a right to good sex, do something for it. Order Potency at low prices in our pharmacy.

What is the difference between an original and the generic?

The differences between the generic and the original are small because the active ingredients and the mode of action are the same. These confirm not only results of medical studies, but also the many positive experiences of affected men.

Patent rules state that a drug is patented for 17 years. After this period, other manufacturers with a license can manufacture this drug. In doing so one resorts to well-known formulas, so that no expensive research and development costs are incurred. The lower costs can be passed on directly to you, which is why generic drugs are cheaper.

You save time and money with the generics. Buy the best generic pills without a prescription. Order now and finally enjoy sex to the fullest.

Do side effects occur?

In case of an overdose or if you ignore the instructions for taking the Potency, side effects may occur.

Usually these include: hot flashes, headaches, stuffy nose, digestive problems, muscle aches, sweating and stomach pressure.

In most cases the side effects disappear after a short time by themselves or when adjusting the dose.

Order the potency pills discreetly and quickly. Soon you will shine in bed like in the best of times and enjoy sex with your partner.

What does anonymous deliver?

Our online pharmacy guarantees absolute discretion and anonymity when you order a sexual enhancer in UK.

You receive the goods in a nondescript packaging. Neither the postman nor the neighbor will recognize the content. Your privacy is maintained and you do not have to worry about it.

How is the high quality of the sexual enhancer guaranteed?

The original and generic power resources are obtained directly from the known manufacturers. They are manufactured and monitored according to strict guidelines. Afterwards we ensure a safe and proper storage during transport. For this we have our own quality control system. The top quality benefits you.

Buying a sexual enhancer in our pharmacy in UK means that you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality drug.

Did the staff of your pharmacy advise me?

We are there for you 24 hours a day, all week. Call us or send us an e-mail. Together with you we will find a solution and you make the right choice. We advise you free of charge, so do not be afraid to contact us.